1. Wait

From the recording Still Moving Targets

Mark Mason - guitars, vocals
Suzan Mason - vocals
Dan Uphoff - Drums, keys
Matt Seay - bass

Copyright 2019
Mark & Suzan Mason

Produced by:
Mark Mason, Suzan Mason & Dan Uphoff

Recorded at:
Full Circle Recording, Chester, VA

Mastered by:
Jamie King
The Basement Recording NC
Winston-Salem, NC


On the counter next to my shaving cream
There's a cheap hairbrush I never clean
It's got strands of you and strands of me
Tangled all up like we used to be

In the closet next to my faded blue jeans
There's that black tank top you bought in New Orleans
When I love was you and wild and our spirits free
Before the rose in you met the thorn in me

Wait, come and get your things maybe we can work it out
Wait, we got too much water under the bridge we built
Wait, don't walk away with a wound so deep and wide
I know it's a long shot but baby we've got to try

I keep staring at this 14-carat golden band
And picturing the day you put it on my hand
We drove away so happy in that limousine
Every word I spoke that day I still mean

I don't wanna spend the rest of my life
Thinkin' what might have been
Let's lay down our arms and pick up the pieces
And start all over again