From the recording Still Moving Targets

Mark Mason - guitars, vocals
Suzan Mason - vocals
Dan Uphoff - Drums, keys
Matt Seay - bass

Copyright 2019
Mark & Suzan Mason

Produced by:
Mark Mason, Suzan Mason & Dan Uphoff

Recorded at:
Full Circle Recording, Chester, VA

Mastered by:
Jamie King
The Basement Recording NC
Winston-Salem, NC


Conway Twitty sang Mona Lisa
Had a beauty that could shame a rose
So many longed to love her
Where'd she run for cover
I guess nobody knows

But, I got my own thing goin'
Found a South Carolina queen
And I mean to make her mine
I got my own thing goin'
She's gonna be my baby
Till the Lord calls closin' time

Gentle Giant Williams sang of senorita
From way on back in the innocent days
She fell from the skies with stars in her eyes
And married a cowboy that day

Willie had Maria, Waylon had Amanda on the line
Johnny had June, baby I got you for mine