1. Dragons

From the recording Still Moving Targets

Mark Mason - guitars, vocals
Suzan Mason - vocals
Dan Uphoff - Drums, keys
Matt Seay - bass

Copyright 2019
Mark & Suzan Mason

Produced by:
Mark Mason, Suzan Mason & Dan Uphoff

Recorded at:
Full Circle Recording, Chester, VA

Mastered by:
Jamie King
The Basement Recording NC
Winston-Salem, NC


The diamonds in her eyes are turning gray
The clouds are closing in with age
She don't walk like she used to
She don't dance
She's got scars on her heart
from a dragon named Romance

Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?

The mirror sings her lines from a wicked past
She thinks she's the reason love won't last
So she takes another drink of yesterday
And buries her condition in a pillow

Do you love me?
I can hear her pray
Do you love me?
Everything about her says
Do you love me?
Make it go away

And from a tower in a castle far away
I can hear the scarlett lady say
I don't want to live this way
No, I don't want to live this way

On and on and on and on it goes
Who will slay these dragons in her soul

Rise, child rise
Look to the hills, look to the hills
Lift up your eyes
and rise