1. Sinatra Style

From the recording Still Moving Targets

Mark Mason - guitars, vocals
Suzan Mason - vocals
Dan Uphoff - Drums, keys
Matt Seay - bass

Copyright 2019
Mark & Suzan Mason

Produced by:
Mark Mason, Suzan Mason & Dan Uphoff

Recorded at:
Full Circle Recording, Chester, VA

Mastered by:
Jamie King
The Basement Recording NC
Winston-Salem, NC


Hold on to me darlin’
it’s Christmas Eve at last
The babies are in bed
and that ribbon on your head
Is making me smile
Frank Sinatra style

The candle’s in the window
The wreath is on the door
There’s cookies and milk on the table
But Santa’s gonna wait
You’re making me wild
Frank Sinatra style

Dance with me baby, put your sleepy head on my shoulder
Old blues eyes’ is swooning and we’re only one year older
It’s a good, good feeling knowin’ you’re here
By the grace of God in the mornin’ we’ll be woke up by a child
But tonight we dance Sinatra style

Stockings hung in a row
Over the fireplace
I captured by that yuletide glow
Coming from your face
Making me wild
Frank Sinatra style

There’s a maze of paper wrapping
Scattered across the living room florr
We’re swaying to the music
Groovin’ right on through it
Making me smile
Frank Sinatra style